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Hilary Ann


A tribute to the fight against Breast Cancer

In tribute to our niece, Hilary Ann Richer, we have created a very special wine. Cooper Ridge Vineyard's 2021 'Hilary Ann' is a commemorative wine meant to increase the awareness of breast cancer and to help in raising funds for this disease.

We are very proud to donate 50% of the proceeds of each bottle sold
to local programs dedicated to ending breast cancer.

The Woman

Vivacious. Dedicated. Loving. Athletic. Outgoing. Our niece, Hilary Ann, was everything to everyone. (BIO here to lead into The Cause/Wine etc.

The Cause

We lost our beloved niece in July of 2023; she was 43 years old. Her battle and loss was shattering for our family. After learning more about this devastating disease, Steve and Paula felt the Cooper Ridge community of wine lovers can make an impact in the fight against this disease by creating this Rioja-style red wine blend to remember her, and raise funds to help fight the disease.

The Wine

Like Hilary, the 2021 Hilary Ann red wine is a bold, full of character, yet a refined and balanced wine, a smooth and easy wine to enjoy with rich, deep color and a peppery finish. Made from our estate grown Tempranillo, Garnacha, Carignan, and Graciano fruit and aged 24 months in oak barrels.

The Release

The 'Hilary Ann' will be released October 11th during our fall wine club release party. Hilary’s parents, husband, and son will be joining us as we release this very special wine. Please join us to celebrate this occasion with them. We will have our traditional complimentary food pairing bites Friday and Saturday of the release party.


2021 'Hilary Ann' Red Blend


This estate grown, oak-aged blend is our first edition of a medium bodied dry red wine blend of 40% Tempranillo, 33% Garnacha, 15% Carignan, and 12% Graciano.

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