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Hilary Ann


Growing up, Hilary was everything a parent could ask for, multiplied by a million. Athletic, intelligent, funny, outgoing, loved music and animals, and excelled at any sport she played. Hilary was born July 30, 1979 in Worcester, Massachusetts, the only daughter of Jim and Teri Smith and sister to brother, Andrew. Hilary is the niece to Steve (and Paula) Wilson.






The Girl. The Student. The Athlete.

At a young age, Hilary wanted to do anything and everything. The world was her oyster. In 1986, the family moved to San Diego when she was seven. She instantly fell in love with horses and it wasn't too long before she had one to call her own. At 5 years of age, she began playing violin where she continued through high school at Granite Hills in El Cajon, California. Hilary played Girls Water Polo throughout high school and even played on the Boys Water Polo team her senior year. If you've never played the sport, that says a lot about the type of athlete she was.

College took Hilary down the road to the University of California San Diego (UCSD) where she graduated with honors with a B.S in Political Science, minoring in Economics. She continued her water polo career during her time at UCSD, making First Team All-American, MVP, and Team Captain.

The Career

Hilary had 21 years of distinguished service to the USA. Beginning with the Border Patrol, the US Postal Inspection Service, and finally 14 years with the FDA as a Criminal Investigator. While working for the US Postal Inspection Service, she met James Rickher, an attorney for the Inspection Service. They married September 2009 and adopted their son, CJ in 2020.

The Woman

In 2011 at the age of 32, Hilary was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her course of treatment was a mastectomy followed by months of chemotherapy. After a very long year, she began to live her life to the fullest. In 2022, she was diagnosed again with breast cancer. In one year, at the age of 43, Hilary lost her battle with cancer in 2023. At the request of Senator Mark Kelly, an American flag was flown over the US Capitol in Hilary's honor for her service to our country.

Today, CJ is 11 years old and lives with his dad James in Portland, Oregon. Her parents, Jim and Teri Smith, continue to live in San Diego, California.


2021 'Hilary Ann' Red Blend


This estate grown, oak-aged blend is our first edition of a medium bodied dry red wine blend of 40% Tempranillo, 33% Garnacha, 15% Carignan, and 12% Graciano.

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