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Opened in February 2017, our 7,500 square foot Winery is where grapes make their way to Wine. Our state of the art facility is designed to process fruit effectively and efficiently with minimal labor. Our custom designed equipment was manufactured for our winery to process fruit seamlessly before placing into tank.   


15 stainless steel, glycol cold jacketed tanks ranging in size from 250-1500 gallons are where the process begins. 


An on-site lab gives us immediate access to the most crucial components and technicalities of our wine making process. 


Once our wine has made it through its initial processing, it moves on to the barrel area where we can regulate hot or cold processing depending on timing. The 3 phase 1000 amp electrical system allows this to go quick seamless paired with our high productions micro cartridge filtered water system removing chlorine and other impurities pumping out 60 gal/min. Both are also quality features that allow us to bottle our wine on site utilizing a mobile bottling truck.  


Using new-neutral French and American oak, the heat and cold barrel storage can hold up to 250 full size barrels.   


Separate Case Good storage gives us the ability to store three vintages of bottled wine at a production of 3,500 cases per year. 

Racked barrels Cooper Ridge Vineyard
Steel wine tanks in winery
Steel tanks and wine barrels winery
Wine Barrels and steel tanks
Cooper Ridge Vineyard steel tanks
Inside Cooper Ridge Vineyard winery
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