Our Winemaker


Charlie Kidd

Prior to joining the Cooper Ridge family, Charlie was a winemaker exporting 29 million gallons annually in central California, making him the largest exporter in the country at that time. However, with this volume of work, he was missing the more hands-on part of being a winemaker. A change was desired and the north was showing promising opportunities he couldn't ignore. With its impressive and vibrant wine industry, the Pacific Northwest provided everything he was looking for and more. Charlie found his home in Roseburg at Cooper Ridge Vineyard in 2015 and has never looked back.


Charlie is an accomplished winemaker, receiving many top wine designations including Top Texas wine in 2010, California State Fair's 'Best of Class Tempranillo' and was the recipient of a 98 point rating for his Pinot Blanc. A beautiful, efficient and state-of-the-art winery made to his specifications was built and equipped under his direction here at Cooper Ridge where he continues to create award-winning wines for us in the Umpqua Valley.


"The best wines in the world are made by people who understand the entire process. Growing your own grapes for wine production is paramount in this process!"

Charlie Kidd, Winemaker

Photo of Charlie courtesy of Dan Campbell Photography