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Syrah Dessert Wine  500ml

Our Syrah Dessert Wine is a unique style of sweet wine. Boysenberry jam and chocolate aromatics enhance this dense and extracted red dessert wine making it one of our favorites!



Technical Notes:

Vineyard: River View

Clone: 07 Australian

Composition: 100% Syrah

Trellising: Vertical Shoot Positioning

Orientation: North/South

Soil: Malabon silty clay and Roseburg loam


Harvest: October 25, 2016

Bottling: March 20, 2018

Production: 63 cases

Aging: 15 months in Neutral Oak

Brix: Chapilized to 38°

Alcohol: 16.8%

Residual Sugar: 8%



This unique dessert wine is made by chapilizing the must to 38° Brix, then fermenting until the yeast dies from high alcohol content. The result is a sweet, high alcohol dessert wine.

Syrah Dessert Wine 500ml

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