2016 Syrah

Our Syrah is a full-bodied dry red wine. Bramble fruit, white pepper and tannic describe this classic Umpqua Valley varietal. Long barrel aging adds to the distinctive cocoa and plum characteristics and its bright acidic finish.


Food pairing suggestions:

Roasted game, braised pork shoulder, spicy sausage, ahi tuna and salmon; sharp cheddar cheeses, blue-veined cheeses; desserts such as black forest cake and coffee-based desserts pair well.


Techincal Notes:

Vineyard: Riverview


Syrah 07 (Italy)

Syrah 10 (Pont de la Maye)

Shiraz 07

Trellising: Vertical Shoot Positioning

Orientation: North/South

Soil: Malabon silty clay and Roseburg loam

Harvest: October 2016

2016 Syrah