2016 Merlot

Brawny mountain-like tannins with aromas of black stone fruits meld with subtle flavors of vanilla bean and mocha.


Food pairing suggestions:

Italian-style sausages with fennel, spaghetti and meatballs, baked pasta dishes such as lasagne and similar veggie bakes, burgers-especially cheeseburgers!! Braised short ribs, spicy rice dishes such as jambalaya; mild to medium hard cheeses-but not very strongly flavored.


Tasting Notes:

Vineyard: Riverview

Clone: Merlot -15 (France181)


87.5% 2016 Merlot

2.5% 2017 Merlot

2.5% 2017Syrah

2.5% 2016 Tempranillo

Trellising: Vertical Shoot Positioning

Orientation: North/South

Soil: Malabon silty clay and Roseburg loam


Harvest: October 12, 2016

Bottling: March 19, 2019

Production: 325 cases

Aging: 26 mos. in 40% New French and American Oak

Brix: 24.5

Alcohol: 14.3%

pH: 3.6

TA: 6.6g/L



5 different yeasts, 5 lots

2 ton open top fermenters at various temperatures

2 ton open top oak casks

5 ton open top fermenters at various temperatures

2016 Merlot