2015 Tempranillo Reserve

Our "Reserve" line of wines are crafted by selecting our favorite three barrels that show complexity and depth.


Pomegranate, cranberry, oak and density come together in this exclusive Tempranillo Reserve wine.


Food pairing suggestions: Lamb meatballs, shoulder cuts of beef, filet mignon, braised pork ribs, and heavier fish such as salmon.


Techincal Notes:

Vineyard: Riverview

Clone: Tempranillo - 01

Composition: 100% 2015 Tempranillo

Trellising: Cordon-pruned (spur pruning)

Orientation: North/South

Soil: Malabon silty clay and Roseburg loam


Harvest: September 28 and October 16, 2015

Bottling: August 1, 2017

Production: 75 cases

Aging: 23 months

Brix: 24.8

Alcohol: 14.6%

pH: 3.78

TA: 7.3g/L



5 fermentations, 5 yeasts

5 ton open top fermenters

2 ton open top fermenters

2 ton open top oak casks


2015 Tempranillo Reserve